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In Memory

David Roston

David Roston

Born in Saint Louis Park, MN on March 30, 1944 and passed away on August 14, 2021. He was a wonderful and generous husband, dad, grandpa, son and brother who died peacefully surrounded by three generations of family and friends. He is survived by his loving wife of 54 years, Eileen Roston (Karatz); children, Jodi (Jeff) Danovsky, Todd (Heidi) Roston and Howard (Paula) Roston; and his grandchildren, Joshua, Sydney, Julia, Alison, Brian, Carly, Isaac, Samantha, and Madison. Preceded in death by his mother, Ruth Roston (Sweet); father, Dr. Hy Brenner and sister, Barbara Roston. He was a 1969 graduate of the University Of Minnesota Law School. He practiced law for more than 40 years with the law firm of Segal, Roston & Berris. David enjoyed telling stories to all who would listen, the sandy beaches of Ft. Myers Beach, Florida and attending the many sporting events, theater shows and concerts of his kids and grandkids. Funeral service will be held at 10:30 AM on TUESDAY, August 17th at BET SHALOM CONGREGATION, 13613 Orchard Rd, Minnetonka. Memorials preferred to the David and Eileen Roston Family Fund at Jewish Family and Children's Service of Minneapolis. SHIVA 7:00 PM on Tuesday at Bet Shalom. Masks required. May his memory be a blessing.



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08/18/21 05:51 AM #16    

Jill Rosen (Shuster)

David’s passing was a complete shock. 

He was a classmate and friend who will be missed by all who knew him. 




08/18/21 10:16 AM #17    

Maxine "Macky" Burry (Tatz)

I was so sorry to hear of David's passing. To his family and all his dear friends, my heartfelt condolences. May his memory be a blessing!  Rest In Peace Dear David!

08/18/21 02:09 PM #18    

Howard Gilbert

I was saddened to learn of David's passing. David and I lived in the same general areas once we began our careers, and spoke periodically. He was a fixture in the neighborhood getting in his frequent runs in the streets. We all knew him as a gregarious person who was fun to be around. In addition, he was a caring person who made it a priority to give time, energy and effort to help family, and friends who benefited from his good counsel. I will miss him.

08/18/21 03:19 PM #19    

Lucia Possehl (Smith)

I'm remembering looong conversations and lots of laughter in the Journalism workroom during study hall period when Dave was co-editor of The Echo sports page and I was co-editor of the editorial page. I'm remembering talking casually with Dave outside courtrooms -- twice, I think -- while Dave was being a lawyer and I was being a defendant. I'm remembering sitting at the round dinner table next to Dave during our most recent class reunion. Stories and more laughter. Dave was a gift to so many of us.

08/18/21 06:39 PM #20    

Laurie Fruen (Savran)

I always loved running into Dave in the downtown skyways near his law office.  His smile was contagious.  May hismemory be a blessing always.  Laurie Fruen Savran


08/19/21 10:06 AM #21    

Heidi Applebaum (Gilbert)

To those who knew Dave Roston, his familuy has really enjoyed hearing everyone's "Dave's Stories." They are hoping to collect even more so if you've got one (or as most of us do, many more than one), please email them to:


On behalf of the family, many thanks in advance!

08/19/21 12:50 PM #22    

Howard Cohen

So sorry to learn of David's death. I, too, have fond memories of him in our high school days. Condolences to his family.

08/19/21 01:54 PM #23    

Merry Heimdahl (Mcintyre)

Last Saturday night I had retired early and woke up at 11:30 pm. I couldn't get back to sleep so I went out into my courtyard, looked up in the sky and saw Sirius twinkling away. At that moment I knew David had passed. Hosie had informed me a few days earlier that David was at home on hospice and wasn't expected to last through the weekend. I checked my phone & Hosie had texted at 9:42 pm that David had indeed passed. Even though I knew this was coming, I was stunned as were all of you. Many of our classmates attended Fern Hill and that is where I met David in fourth grade. I didn't know him well all through school as we tended to hang out with our own circle of friends. I got to know him better during the planning committees of our reunions. I liked him as he was fun and irreverent. In the early '80s I needed legal advice about my upcoming divorce and contacted David. He referred me to a lawyer and was a support during the five year process. He was always compassionate, nonjudgmental and a calm support. I will ALWAYS be grateful as it was the most challenging time of my life. David loved practical jokes as do I. Occasionally, after I had a court appearance, we would have lunch at Sheik's Cafe in downtown Minneapolis which evokes a memory of one epic lunch. My toy salesman brother-in-law had given me something called a SnapSnot, a foot long rubbery thingy that looked like its name. You would roll it up, hold one end against one nostril, put the other hand over the other nostril and fake a sneeze and release the SnapSnot. Now imagine David, looking impeccable, dignified and lawyerly in his Brooks Brothers suit, starched white shirt and tie. Now imagine David's face as this footlong mucous looking string hung from my nose. He was gobsmacked, almost literally! He surreptitiously looked around the restaurant to see if anyone was watching and said, verbatim, "Well, we all have our embarrassing moments." He then handed me his napkin. He was not happy with me. I don't think he liked the tables being turned. For me though, it is one of those memories that bring on a good belly laugh to this day. In 1999, I moved to New Mexico and would see David at the reunions when I returned to Minneapolis. We touched base occasionally but it wasn't until our class get together two years ago that we texted and talked frequently. After the class get together we had lunch at a deli (of course) in Minnetonka and as we left, I watched him struggle to get to his car (back problems). The thought crossed my mind that I would never see David again. I immediately dismissed it. Sadly it turned out to be true. Then lockdown hit and it was the perfect opportunity for David to unleash all the stories he had under his belt. He was infamous for his off color (euphemism), ribald, downright dirty jokes, cartoons, stories. Every once in awhile he would cross the line with me and I would put me foot down. He would apologize, act admonished and in no time was right back to business as usual. He loved telling stories about people in his life: his late cousin and classmate Neil Lazarus, classmate Jimmy Miller, etc. He was never mean, gossipy, judgmental. He did, however, like calling someone a putz once in a while. He gleaned the humor out of all situations. One of his favorite stories was about Rick Horwitz' sister and an unmentionable piece of clothing when they were teenagers. He recounted that many times. I'll leave it to Rick to fill you in if you're interested. Some years ago I reconnected with Mimi Miller Hodgkins on FB, a kindred spirit. She visited me in Nashville two years ago and I reconnected her to David. He now had another person on whom to imprint his stories, jokes, etc. He enjoyed her immensely. Who wouldn't?? I also connected him with Duane Soper and they became fast friends. The upside of lockdown. The thing I respected and admired most about David was his dedication to Eileen, his children Howard, Jodi and Todd and, of course, his grandchildren. They always came first. He would puff up like a blowfish when he recounted their many accomplishments. Proud as a peacock! I have always maintained that our children are our greatest legacy, our true measure of success. David and Eileen are the ultimate success story. This is the story I would all of you who knew and loved David to remember. I was blessed to share time and space with him in this lifetime. The unforgettable David Roston!!

08/19/21 02:37 PM #24    

Mimi Miller (Hodgkins)

Thank you for sharing with me, Heidi!

08/19/21 02:49 PM #25    

Mimi Miller (Hodgkins)




Merry, thank you so much for your wonderful tribute to David! I wish I'd been a fly on the wall in that restaurant! Did David catch you unawares and get you back good? You're a breath of fresh air, a multidimensional special soul and what a friendship you two must have shared.

We should all be so fortunate to be remembered fondly and lovingly as David is. I hope he felt this loved during his life.




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